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Tips to consider when you plan to adopt transracially

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Adoption

Adopting a child can be the most rewarding ways to expand a Michigan family. If you’re planning on adopting transracially, you should consider these tips to help the process become successful.

Understanding transracial adoption

Transracial adoption happens when a family adopts a child of a race that’s different from their own. For example, a white couple might consider adopting a Black or Asian child. Although adoption is nearly always a wonderful experience for families, there may be some challenges that arise when doing so transracially. As a result, there are things to consider if you plan to adopt a child of a different race.

You should adapt to your child

In addition to having your child adapt to your culture, you should try to adapt to theirs as well. Celebrate their heritage and make some changes wherever necessary. Understanding your child’s culture can help create and strengthen bonds between you. This means educating yourself and engaging in their racial community.

Acknowledge racism

Unfortunately, racism is still an issue. As the parent of a child of a different race, you should expect it to hit home and should know how to respond to it. This includes comforting your child, navigating society and staying educated.

Find role models for your child

Children need role models in addition to their parents. This should be a person who is the same race as them who they can relate to in a special way. When you adopt transracially, it’s up to you to include lots of great people in your child’s life who come from varied racial backgrounds. One could be a mentor for them.