Simplifying A Complex Process

An Adoption Lawyer With Personal Experience

With an office in Troy, The Law Office of Dion Roddy assists clients throughout Michigan with every aspect of adoption. I was inspired to help clients with adoption law because I have personal experience in adopting my own child. Read more about my background here:

From Professional Musician To Adoption Attorney

When I was in school for my undergrad degree, I was encouraged to go to law school. So naturally, I became a professional musician. I found my way into production and media work, but a change in the economy and a subsequent layoff got me thinking about a career change. Almost 40, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in which age and experience were appreciated. Coincidentally (or rather, serendipitously), my wife and I were also pursuing the adoption of our daughter. I became enamored by the process. Not long after, I found myself with the opportunity to go to law school and I took it.

Early Career: Finding The Path To Becoming An Adoption Lawyer

I was a 2012 cum laude graduate of Wayne State University Law School and began my legal career as a judicial clerk to the Hon. Lisa Gorcyca in the Family Division of Oakland County Circuit Court. From the start I wanted to focus primarily on adoption law because I had a passion for helping people create new families through adoption just as I had.

Handling All Aspects Of Adoption Law

As an adoptive parent myself, I bring a distinct perspective to my clients. I understand what my clients are going through because I have personal experience with the process.

I have helped clients navigate the adoption process with several different types of adoptions. My practice and experience as an adoption attorney includes:

I have extensive experience with domestic infant adoptions and a good part of my practice includes helping families navigate interstate adoptions. I also represent both individuals and agencies in contested adoption matters.

Professional Experience

I am a fellow and member of the State Bar of Michigan and the Oakland County Bar Association, as well as the Oakland County Bar Foundation. My work with adoption has been featured in interviews regarding changes in Michigan adoption law, and I authored an article regarding a Michigan Supreme Court decision having an impact on stepparent adoption.

I am also an award-winning musician and audio producer. I enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with my wife and daughter.

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