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How does custody of an adopted child work after divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | Adoption

When parents in Michigan divorce, they have to wait for custody to be decided. The court will consider all factors of both parents. If you are an adoptive parent whose marriage just ended, this is how custody works.

The same rules apply

Child custody involving adoptive children carries the same procedures as those with biological children. The court decides on whether both parents share custody or one gets custody while the other has visitation rights. Adoptive children have the right to continue maintaining their relationship with both parents and must be financially supported by both parents.

However, there are some differences when custody impacts adopted children. Some kids might have special needs that must be considered. The court must be apprised of any circumstances so that it can ensure that the child’s needs can be accommodated.

Things parents should do

During a divorce, parents should present a co-parenting plan to the court. Even though the marriage is over, working together to create that plan can show the court that both are dedicated to their child and want to remain an active part of the child’s life.

It’s crucial to make the child the top priority. Parents can better tend to their adoptive child’s needs by focusing solely on them for at least a year. This means they should avoid dating or making major life changes. Each parent should also only speak positively of the other in their child’s presence. Badmouthing can cause emotional damage or even parental alienation, which reflects poorly on that parent in the eyes of the court.

After divorce, parents should make the child’s life as routine as possible. There should be a regular schedule for parenting time and a routine the child can quickly adjust to so that everything is second nature to them.

Adoptive parents should work as a team in spite of their divorce. It could make things easier for their child as custody is determined.