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How do domestic and international adoptions compare?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Adoption

Adoption is a great option for creating or expanding your family in Michigan. If you want to adopt, you can do so domestically or internationally. Knowing how these options compare is crucial.


The costs of both forms of adoption are similar, usually running into the tens of thousands of dollars region. However, if you lean toward international adoption, you’ll have to budget because you need a visa to bring your child back home. There are also travel costs for entering the child’s birth country.

With domestic adoption, you can receive financial protection in the event the adoption doesn’t work out.


Domestic and international adoption each has its own set of requirements. If you are adopting internationally, you must comply with that country’s laws. There are age limits to who can adopt, and sadly, some countries don’t allow LGBTQ couples to adopt. By contrast, many states permit such couples to adopt.

Wait times

Wait times vary depending on the circumstances. Some factors can make domestic adoption faster, but others might cause your wait time to be longer. On average, the process could take around nine to 12 months. International adoption can take even longer depending on the country. Some countries have closed off adoption to American families.


Babies are usually easier to adopt on both domestic and international levels. In the latter case, the child must be cleared for adoption, which could mean by the time the family is able to bring them home, they might already be a toddler.

Legal concerns

Both types of adoption carry legal concerns. Prospective parents must know the laws of their state if adopting domestically while those adopting internationally should research the laws of the county of consideration. International adoption also involves the visa, immigration and citizenship processes.

Knowing what to expect with both types of adoption can simplify your decision so that you can get the process going.