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Adopting an adult in Michigan

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Adoption

When most people think of adoption, they think of the adoption of children. However, there are several reasons why a Michigan resident might want to adopt an adult. Here are some things you should know when considering adult adoption.

Reasons to adopt an adult

One of the most common reasons for adult adoption is when a step-parent adopts a step-child. A formal adoption can solidify the relationship and strengthen the family bond. Adopting a step-child can also help in financial matters, such as dealing with inheritance issues.

An adult who grew up without their birth family might also desire adoption. Perhaps they spent years searching for their birth family and want to carry the family name. A foster family can also adopt a foster child, even if the child is now an adult.

Reasons for denying an adult adoption

There are several reasons why a state might deny an adult adoption. For example, if an adoptive parent and the adopted adult are in a sexual relationship, the adoption won’t proceed. Although the adults aren’t biologically related, incest laws will still apply.

Some states also require a specific age gap between the person adopting and the adult adoptee. In such a situation, the adoption will only proceed if the age gap is correct. For example, a state might require at least a 10-year age gap between the person adopting and the adult being adopted.

The adult adoption procedure

Each state has its laws concerning adult adoption. Your local courthouse can provide the forms and documents required. Once the paperwork is completed and notarized, you should have instructions on how to proceed. You’ll then appear in Family Court where a judge will decide your case.