Simplifying A Complex Process

How birth parents can navigate their adoption experience

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2024 | Adoption

Placing a baby for adoption isn’t a decision that any birth parent takes lightly. This decision is usually made with the best interests of the baby in mind. While it’s true that the birth parents may have time to prepare for placing the baby with the adoptive parents, they’re going to feel a wide range of emotions when the time comes and in the years that follow. 

Typically, birth parents may feel a lot better about the adoption if they had the ability to choose the baby’s adoptive family. In some cases, being able to communicate with the adoptive family or receive updates from them will also help to quell the emotional rollercoaster for the birth parents.

Find a support group

Talking about the things they’re experiencing with others who share similar experiences can sometimes help birth parents find comfort in knowing they aren’t alone. This may help them to cope with emotions like fear of the unknown, sadness about parts of the baby’s life they’re missing and concern about if they did the right thing with the adoption. 

Some birth parents may also feel bad about being glad they placed their baby up for adoption. Making this type of decision isn’t something to be ashamed of or to feel bad about because they did what they thought was best for the baby.

Remember, the adoption agreement between the birth and adoptive families should be set up so it’s concise. When both sides know exactly what to expect during the pregnancy and as the child grows up, there’s less of a chance of misunderstandings that take an emotional toll.