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Crossing State Lines: Interstate Adoptions

Last updated on October 11, 2022

The Law Office of Dion Roddy, located in Troy, Michigan, helps couples realize their dream of becoming parents. At my law firm, I also help birth parents who are looking to place their unborn baby up for adoption. As an adoptive parent myself, I understand what my clients are going through and can anticipate their needs and questions from both a personal and professional perspective.

What Is An Interstate Adoption?

Interstate adoption refers to the placement of United States-born infants for adoption who are born in one state and are adopted by people who live in another state. Nearly all of these cases involve newborns with the parties locating each other during or near the end of a pregnancy. Each state has its own adoption laws that govern how an adoptive and birth family locate each other, the amount of living expenses that can be paid, the consent process and applicable revocation periods.

Interstate Adoptions And Michigan Law

Michigan does not have a residency requirement to adopt. Families from other states only need a home study completed in their state of residence by a licensed child-placing agency to be able to file and finalize an adoption in Michigan. One important decision that needs to be made early in the adoption process is whether an adoption should take place where the child is born or where the adoptive parent resides.

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (or ICPC) is a statutory agreement that governs foster care and adoptions that take place across state lines. The ICPC is designed to protect the children involved and help facilitate the adoption process with pre-adoptive parents, birth parents and adoption professionals.

Understanding and navigating the laws in multiple states requires knowledge and experience. I am a fellow and sustaining member of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, which provides fellows with access to resources in each state that can help pre-adoptive couples or birth parents navigate the best course of action for an adoptive or birth family. I handle all kinds of adoption cases and can help you navigate the adoption process.

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