Simplifying A Complex Process

Navigating The Complex Guardianship Process

Last updated on October 11, 2022

At The Law Office of Dion Roddy, I can help you handle the complicated and complex process of applying for guardianship. Serving clients in Troy and the surrounding area, my experience with the adoption process can help you avoid delays and roadblocks, and make sure all necessary paperwork is filed correctly and on time.

The Legal Rights And Responsibilities Of Guardians

In Michigan, the law allows for a person to have custody over a minor who is not his or her biological child through a legal guardianship. When a biological parent(s) is or are unable to take care of the child, a caregiver can apply to the probate court for a guardianship, which, if granted, will allow that person to take over the legal responsibility for the child. A guardianship grants caregivers nearly all the same legal rights as a parent, including the right to make daily choices on behalf of the child as well as make long-term decisions regarding the child’s health or education needs. A biological parent does not need to give consent for a guardianship.

Pursuing A Guardianship Adoption

After having the guardianship of a minor child for at least two years, a guardian may seek an adoption. Before the guardianship adoption process can begin, the parental rights of the biological parents must first be terminated. If the biological parents do not voluntarily consent to the termination of their parental rights, the adoption is considered contested and the guardian must petition the court to have the parental rights terminated involuntarily.

Consult An Adoption Attorney With Experience

Applying for a guardianship or pursuing a guardianship adoption is a complicated process involving strict deadlines and paperwork. Contact me today by calling 248-800-1875 or emailing me to schedule your free consultation, and let me tell you more about how I can help you navigate the process.