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How to navigate divorce with adopted children

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Adoption

While adoption provides a wonderful opportunity for Michigan couples to add to their families, situations occur that result in those couples getting divorced. While divorce is never easy, things become even more complicated when couples who adopt children end their marriages. There are some ways to navigate divorce when parenting adopted children.

How divorce impacts adoptees

Most adopted children are already familiar with loss. After all, many of the children in the adoption system are there because they’ve lost both parents. The trauma associated with their adoptive parents’ divorce often leaves a lasting impact. Depending on your child’s age at the time of adoption, your divorce may result in them reliving past traumas. Be understanding when they experience difficulties from losing their familiar family structure.

The custody question

People often wonder if family law courts view custody arrangements differently when they involve adoptees. The answer to that question is no. When you adopt a child, he or she becomes your child legally, meaning you and your ex will probably share custody.

Helping adoptees through divorce

Divorce is never easy for anyone, and it is often harder for adoptees. With that in mind, commit to working with your ex to create as much stability as possible for your child. Adoptees rarely come from stable backgrounds, and the end of your marriage is another blow to their sense of security.

Adopted children experience plenty of stress when their parents divorce. Don’t do anything that adds to that stress, such as trying to get your child to choose sides.

While it’s easy to focus on your turmoil during a divorce, keep your child’s needs at the forefront. While the end of your marriage is certain to impact your child, you can still provide him or her with a wonderful life.