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Why do people carry out adult adoptions?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Adoption

The majority of adoptions involve children. Many people want to adopt babies and raise them for their entire lives. Some will adopt young children, seeking to give them a more stable life than they would find in foster care or another such situation.

However, there are also adult adoptions. With children, the reasons for adoption are often clear: Providing a home for the child, giving them security and love, expanding a family, etc. But why do people decide to adopt adults?

Helping with special needs

In some cases, it may be that an adult has a disability or certain special needs that have to be met. Adopting that person may make it easier for their caretaker to stay involved in their life and take on this role. 

Making an inheritance or medical care easier 

Additionally, an adult adoption can make medical and financial decisions easier. For instance, a parent may be able to work closely with a person’s medical team or visit them in the hospital, when someone without those parental rights wouldn’t be allowed to do so. The adoption can also make it easier to pass an inheritance on to this person – although an inheritance can certainly be left to someone who is not a family member.

Your personal bond 

Finally, it’s worth noting that many people just have a strong personal bond. They go through with the adoption because it is important to them to signify this family connection and make it official.

These are just a few of the reasons that people consider. If you’re going through an adoption, take the time to look into the necessary legal steps.