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Is adoption assistance available in Michigan?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2023 | Adoption

Cost is one of the primary obstacles for Michigan families who want to adopt. To ease the process and reduce financial stress, it is important to know about adoption assistance programs.

Under what circumstances does Michigan offer adoption assistance?

In Michigan, there is financial assistance available for people who want to adopt an eligible foster child before the child turns 18.

Adoption assistance pays the adoptive parent each month. It helps with the expenses that accompany raising a child. When a child gets adoption assistance, they might also be eligible to receive Medicaid.

Many non-recurring adoption expenses, such as court costs, legal fees and adoption fees are necessary. These, too, can be covered through this program.

Medical care is paramount to ensure the child is healthy and issues are adequately addressed. This is where an adoption medical subsidy comes in. It is for conditions the adoptee might have had before the adoption. It covers mental, emotional and physical issues.

The medical subsidy eligibility hinges on children having been in foster care when adoptions were sought and having a mental, physical or emotional condition that was in place before it moving forward. Medical subsidies do not cover routine care, are not guaranteed fully cover all costs, and will not cover services provided before approval.

Know how to receive financial help when trying to adopt

For people who want to adopt a child and are worried about whether they have the money to do so, it is imperative to know that programs can help achieve the goal. Knowing how to be approved for these programs and understanding all aspects of adoption is key and should be handled from the beginning so finances do not impede people from adopting.