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Why do some families adopt stepchildren?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Adoption

Many people marry single parents. A new parent entering a child’s life can be difficult for them. A stepparent may try to help their stepchild through adoption

Before a stepparent considers whether adoption is right for them and their stepchild, they may need to learn about why parents do it. Here’s what you should know:

Emotional support

For children, adoption can help their emotional stability. A parent who wishes to adopt a stepchild can show that they are really for the child and their needs. Adoption can demonstrate that this will be a new normal, making children feel safe after having experienced a difficult time processing their parent’s previous marriage or divorce. 

Adoption is also especially helpful for families transitioning into a blended family where both spouses may come into a marriage with children from previous relationships. A stepchild can see that they are just as important as a step-parent’s biological children.

Getting parenting rights

For parents, adoption is often about the legality of the situation. A stepparent can have rights over their adopted step-children, such as deciding their education, health care or religious upbringing. Stepparents accept a greater responsibility for their stepchildren if their spouse were to pass away. Essentially, step-parents are often treated equal to a step child’s biological parent after the adoption process.

Financial benefits

Stepchildren can also gain some financial benefits after the adoption process. For instance, the adopted child can gain insurance from a step-parent. Most importantly, a stepchild could also become an heir to the step-parent if the step-parent did not leave behind a legal will.

Adoption is a complicated process. If the other parent is still around or if a stepparent is unsure how to go about the process, then it can help the stepparent to learn about their legal options.